Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Took me about 7/14hrs to complete 100%, This was a long project, Made it as CLOSE as the picture as possible, everything identicle but the Fenders, Kiyoshi tried to make them for me to help me be done quicker but they were really difficult to get right. TY For helping Kiysohi!

Things i did:

Roof, Spoiler (Remodeled Kiyoshi's)
Rims (Remake Of Slick Rims)
Front Bumper
S2k Convert.

Thank you to Kiyoshi, Emzone, Flash and Yohsuke.

Monday, 27 February 2012

JDM Projess s2k

Still a heap to goo, Keep you guys updated

New JDM Project!

Going to make this in about i dno. 30 minutes? just bored :) Might add something fancy. stickers and such. Convert from juiced 2 (:

PIC of the style im doing!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Touge S15 JDM Download!

300zx Touge

Convert of 300zx 'Juiced 2'

Rota Rims - Keisuke
Real Lights - By me
Front lights - By me
Rear wing - By me
Remodelled Front bar - By me
Patched up rear bumper second exhaust position.
Number plate is Xmas pack Yazzy & exhaust
HD Renders By danius :)

New Nissan S13 Onevia V3


Hope you guys like it! Front end redone by me, rims are secret unless you know them but dont tell people i dont want them to become popular and have nubletas riding them around..

Spoiler Wing and roof wing by me, rear lights by me, Number plate from yazzamods, Skirts by kiyoshi. Cage by me.

Touge S15 JDM

JDM Touge S15, Front Bar by me and Danius
Spoiler by me, Exhaust by me,Rim meshies me and danius, 
Rear bar my and danius, Rear lights by me

This car is going up for VOTE!

Friday, 24 February 2012

BNR323 Joined Convert

Work done by Kiyoshi and Me, Kiyoshi done the front Bar and scratched the rims, I converted R32 and R33 From forza and Done a Join From R33 and Rear R32, Done all the textures for the lights and The tires, Kiyoshi done the rims but his tires weren't working and crashing gta, so i changed them, Exhaust from xmas pack and i retextured! :)

My Mash-Up Supra (:

Done this one in a couple of minutes, Scratched the rim dish for some wider spread cuz ;o, Done the front lip and used Game's supra spoiler , sorry xD, and got exhaust from a pack roll cages and back lights edited and re scratched by me,

HD Render from Danius (First render is white because the textures were playing up, but front view is perfect!)

D1 1998 Supra

D1 1998 Supra, Forza Bodykit fitted to a matheus convert, rims by keisuke (meisters)

3D HD Convert's By Danius.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

D1 BMW E28

Base model is LTU Customs, I scratched the rear end , Used HD exhaust from xmas pack, engine from xmas pack and did real lights front and rear, its purple front lights in game looks pretty cool, pod filter look im doing, non camber in game and done the spoiler in carbon fibre..

hope you guys like it :D

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Widebody G35?!!?!?!

Never done before, So i thought id be a first <3

Widebody G35, All my work, Convert from NFS Carbon, Some textures from NFS:MW

Friday, 10 February 2012


Finished the retexturing and modelling

Widekit fits perfect
i textured EVERYTHING, convert from Need For Speed Carbon.

Hope you guys like it :D


I'm calling this 'Project 240' 

Basically Cause it's a 240sx and it's a project that will take me a couple days to finish :P

This is the convert im doing, NFS:Carbon 240sx with wide bodykit.



Tuesday, 7 February 2012

For my supporters :)

(The rim is a tad sketchy so ignore it >_<)

This car can be modified/edited and you can rip from it as i am making it public, But no matter where you post, make a thread about or with any of my parts credit me!..



Sunday, 5 February 2012

IS300 Lexus HellaFlush For my Girlfriend :)

Lexus IS300, HellaFlush, Emzone BBS rims, Boso Exhaust, JDM Sticker Bomb Sheet, Scratched front bumper, Added new treads to rims,

Saturday, 4 February 2012

New Stance S14 Complete, Cruise!

Testing New Handling :)

Zenki S14 Stance!

Adding a new car to my collection :)

My 2012 S14 Zenki Stance,

Skirts - Thank you danius for convert
Kiyoshi - Tire Tread
Eliaajz - For Miester Rims a while back
SR20DET engine+Engine bay from avail also a long time ago :)

I Scratched Centercap for rims, Fitted the tire properly :P instead of the rx7 with the wobbuls :P
Done rollcage, similar to a convert i saw earlier (I forget what game)
Rear Exhaust from Engine pack, Retextured
Front bumper, Scratched and re-edited from original for JDM look, Black lip etc..
Back lights are real light ups for that sexy night time look
Front lights are LED x1.. in each two light parts, giving it a nice flush look, Camber is semi-slammed
Using SR20DET Engine
Still editing the glass!!

Texturing is almost complete, Just got to fix the rim texture for more reflectionzors and glass :D

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

New JDM RX7 - By Jakee

Just finished this car at 7:12PM 2/1/2012, First rim scratch ever, First Rear and front bumper scratch and rollcage.. The rollcage is an edit from a racecar rx7 with no rights.

Kiyoshi for Exhaust and Textures and also the inspiration to do a jdm RX7

Eliaajz for the Tire tread a while back.

I scratched the meshes, the mesh is a tad offset by the SLIGHTEST, You will only notice it if you pay attention to it in a video.

EmZone for the Stock chassis.